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Quarterly Strike Newsletter Volume 16

Only Santa Should Be Thinking of Rest After The Holidays

After the Holidays! Why is Santa so Jolly? Because he only works 1 day a year. Christmas-itis is a condition which leaves us with a similar state of mind for days or weeks after the holiday's. We wish we could hold off all chores until the very last necessary minute. Instead we want to be jolly and give and receive and hang out with friends and family. As much as most of us suffer from this I've noticed a few irregular groups of people who do not recognize this condition. Employers and creditors seem to develop immunity to Christmas-itis or they are so over taken with the condition that they do not realize others are afflicted as well.

In fact, I'm suffering right now. It's December 29th and I just can't hold off writing this news letter any longer. I'd rather go back to the mall and cash in on my returns and call my friends that are home for the holidays. Instead, I must prepare for January chores and I wish to encourage you to do the same. Actually, I may have a cure for some of the side effects of Christmas-itis.

Some are afflicted with that desire to work hours similar to Santa's. I may not be able to offer a 1 day a year work schedule but how about working 2 or 3 days a week. The speed pitching booth can afford you that luxury. Let's say you will definitely suffer for a few weeks after Christmas. If you have a regular job, the speed pitching booth can generate enough weekend income to keep creditors away during your affliction or afford you a longer vacation to keep you away from those insensitive employers. Operating a speed pitching booth is fun so you will be jolly all year long and you'll be excited to get to work right away when the holiday season subsides. In fact, with the extra money you'll make you'll have Christmas-itis every weekday because it will be Christmas every weekend.

When A Big Fish Needs Some Bait.

The Pitching Booth attracts people... PERIOD!

Now doesn't that make it a hot commodity to businesses or organizations that need a little pizzazz. It's kind of like using super models to promote a product and we all know how that works. If you are comfortable making a few phone calls, writing up some sales literature and making presentations, you might find the Speed Pitching Booth to be a hot commodity for businesses, corporations and organizations to use in attracting new potential customers. It certainly is an approach I'll be taking in selling the systems.

A great example would be a lead I'm currently pursuing. I received a phone call from a computer software company requesting my 12 page info booklet. They make baseball related software. I'm not sure if it's a computer game or stats data base but anyhow, they go to trade shows and promote their product. Now, a computer disk is pretty hard to stand out in a convention center full of software manufacturers but set up a pitching booth along side and I'll bet their foot traffic will at least double. As I stated, their interest is to potentially buy a system and that's great but for you owners, there must be a dozens of potential renters in all areas of commerce.

Consider Some of These Promotions Enhancements:

Business Grand Opening
A Wal-Mart or Dicks Sporting Goods like to have festive atmospheres for their grand openings or special promotions. If the promotion works at one regional chain it's an easy sell for the rest. How about car dealerships!!!!

Charitable Activity Promotion
Many charities set-up information and donation stands at local events. The Pitching Booth could be used to attract or generate funds for the charity. Non profit groups like your local sports leagues are a prime candidate.

Traveling Promotional Activity
You may remember that I set up at our state fair by being a part of a local radio station rock box. The rock box is a traveling broadcast booth. I simply set up next to them and and displayed their banner. The more people I attracted the more bumper stickers they were able to give out. Many high promotion businesses have some sort of traveling display.

Banner Promotion & Sponsorship
Many companies can relate to the people you attract but they are not adept at event promotion. The booth can serve as a traveling promotion based on your schedule. Just like businesses sponsor local sports clubs they can sponsor your booth. A simple banner change and it's an Allstate Sped Pitching Booth.

Event Lead Generating Contests
Many businesses love to use trade shows for contests. You enter the contest and they get your name for their mailing list. A speed pitching Booth can offer one heck of a contest in guessing speeds or beating high scores to win a prize or be eligible to enter a raffle for the companies product or services. Only a few may win but the company has generated a large pool of customers to solicit.

These ideas can go on and on as does the list of potential businesses for promotion usage. There are also a number of ways you can arrange your fee from flat rental costs to sponsors supplying you with prizes at the events you attend. Don't you love a business with endless possibilities!

Quick Fix

Finding Work Along The Way.

During my first few months in business it was all so new with opportunities every day to set up my booth. I received a call from a promoter about a mall show in a few weeks. I penciled it in and eventually set off on my 2 hour drive to the show. Of course, back then I was a bit green and neglected to make any other confirmations. When I arrived the mall management had told me the show had been canceled. There I was at 8:00 am on a Friday far from home and no work. But even then I knew the sheer interest in the booth would get me through. At first I tried to get the mall to let me set up anyway but they refused ( I eventually would get into that mall with a reputable promoter and to this day it's one of my best yearly events). Sports card shows among malls in the spring a very common so I went to a magazine stand, looked in Beckett magazine for the national sports card calendar. Sure enough there was a show in Albany the next day. It's about a 2 hour drive there so I first called the promoter who seemed curious but needed authorization from the mall. The mall needed to see what it was all about so I made the drive to Albany, booked the show and made about $450 for the weekend.

On another occasion I was invited to visit a friend in Providence to attend a music collectables show on a Sunday. It's about a 5 hour drive and since I work weekends the trip would have interfered with my work schedule. However, I looked in Beckett magazine for card shows in Providence. Booked a high school fundraiser card show for Saturday, made $120 for 6 hours work and enjoyed Saturday evening and Sunday with my friend. (Who I might add eventually bought a pitching booth from me).

In fact, much of my work schedule revolves around my friends. I have a friend 2 hours away in Rochester that I'm able to visit as much as 10 times a year while working. Rochester is a great soccer city so I've done many events there. I work from 9 am to 4 pm, get some tennis in during the late afternoon and go out on the town for the night. This leads me to my next story. I decided to do an event in Rochester that by mid day was obvious it wasn't going to be worth my time. The promoter understood and allowed me to leave at which time I drove to a soccer tournament someone had told me about. During the event I approached the promoter, explained what I do and was allowed to set up for the remainder of that Saturday and all day Sunday. Again, instant cash in my pocket.

The whole point here is that many times it's no big production to book events. The booths are portable and quick to set up and draw immediate attention. You can potentially schedule your work around your life. It's a "have gun will travel" business. And since you use a radar gun there's a pun in that quote. Of course you should be able to find many events right in your community but when you can't, visit a friend and make some money, take a trip and make some money, move to Aruba and make some money. You are never out of income options when you are a radar gun for hire.

Records And Feats Of Interest

Fastest Recorded Pitching Speed
**88 MPH (twice)

Fastest Recorded Kicking Speed
**70 MPH

Fastest Recorded Tennis Serve

Fastest Underhand Speed
**65 MPH (achieved by 3 girls, this is also fastest girls speed)

Fastest Senior Speed
**65 MPH -age 65

Fastest Pre-Schooler
**33MPH - age 5

Ambidextrous Abilities
**19 year old throws 77MPH both hands

Father/Son Duel
**Father age 55 - 72 MPH
**Son age 22 - 73 MPH

Most Consecutive Exact Guesses
**8 Pitches

Most Consecutive Prizes won
**4 License Plates

Fastest Speed Of This System Owner
**Butt Out!!

News & Notes

I am considering some TV advertising for this coming spring. I strongly state the term, considering!
Although these ads will be for sales of the booths, any ads that run in markets where there are owners, I will let you know because it should help with your promotion efforts. You can always tell event promoters or businesses considering using the booth for a promotion that you are "as seen on TV" . Pretty Cool!

Beckett Magazine as refered to on the previous page is Becketts Baseball Card Magazine. It's a monthly publication found on most news stands and sports card shops. It lists sports card shows for the coming month by state.