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Quarterly Strike Newsletter Volume 19

Planning Fun In The Sun.

It's not too early to start thinking about your warm weather events. The planning you do right now is extremely key. I repeat... Extremely Key! Not just for securing events but also leaving your options open!

In my price booklet or on my web site there are lists of places you should start contacting like the regional chamber of commerce's, city councils, regional publications which list or promote events. It gives you a skeleton of activities happening regionally in your area.

From this list, find out the fees, availability and deadlines for booking space. Pay close attention to deadlines. Find out if space has filled up in previous years or if it's a very casual approach to booking and always try and negotiate percentage fees if possible.

The reason for noting deadlines and percentages is it gives you a back door escape to better events should they arise. Now you can fill your calendar with these events but if you don't have to officially book for a few months or it's a percentage fee, you can get out and find potentially better events or you can solicit people on the success of your booked events. This last point is important. Until you get out and meet other vendors, any event could sound great but they may know the bottom line. So seeking out these events now will give you plenty of time to gather the proper information to make an informed decision.

Of course, keep in mind that your business is unique to most vendors, what's good for you may not be good for them. I've seen many jealous vendors at my success.

Here are some questions to ask other vendors that are relevant to you.

  • How accurate was the promoters description of the event.
  • What was they layout of the event... food, rides, entertainment, etc.
  • Ask about prices because he may negotiate differently with each vendor.
  • What was the makeup of the patrons... kids, income, beer drinkers, etc.
  • Also, talk about vendors with other vendors, you may have solicited information from a disgruntle type, vendors tend to know each other.

Fund America.

Take Your Business National.

Within a 100 mile radius of your home there can seem to be unlimited youth sports leagues, charitable organizations and civic groups all needing to raise money. Of course, the Pitch-A-Thon and Kick-A-Thon program you can run with a speed pitching booth has been a proven success and something I would hope all my owners are pursuing within their region. Now with so many organizations in your region, there's no need to get greedy is there?

Well, not so fast, although I use the term greedy as a jest, it is that greed which helps fund these organizations and charities. If you can step out of your immediate area to make money for yourself while greatly increasing the coffers of others, do it! Many organizations hear about my fund raising program over the internet and they could be from anywhere. Thus I've developed a type of rental program for organizations which are not in my immediate travel region. It also works well if you can not attend an event in your local area due to a schedule conflict (i.e.,football is on that day).

For a league to hold a non attended Pitch/Kick-A-Thon, they will need 2 things. along with your phone support and potential materials explaining how it works.

1. the timing equipment
I charge $120 rental for the radar gun and it's accessories. I do not include the cage, the expense of shipping would be prohibitive and it's also unnecessary. Most soccer leagues have goals and baseball teams can use a backstop or a catcher to throw at.

2. forms (pledge sheets, parent letters, certificates, etc.)
These are supplied at $2 per child. So for every child they estimate will participate you would supply all the necessary forms, which of course, I would help you get if needed.)

The nice part of this program is that you are paid in advance, unlike the standard program which pays a percentage, that has to be collected after the event. A league which has 50 participants has to pay you $220 to run the program but remember that this fund raiser averages $40 per player so their potential take is $2,000. Your expenses are shipping to the radar gun and the form costs... maybe $30 to $40 total. But hey, you watched football and got paid!

If you are on the internet then marketing this is easy, almost any youth organization has a web site. Simply drop them an email and tell them about it. A simple search with a key word "youth sports", "fund raising", etc, will show unlimited potential. In fact, if you turn to the back page web pick, I've found a great youth sports directory. A web site can work it's own lead generation, and I surely can assist you there. There are publications available for sports leagues or charities. With them it's a simple mailing or maybe a phone call first to better qualify your mailing expenses.

Most important is having materials in print that properly explain how the program works, the expenses involved and the incredible fun and proven success of this program. Supplementing this is your ability to help the leagues organize the event verbally. Most youth leagues are run by volunteers with kids in the league. They have sought out or responded to some form of marketing on your part. They are being asked to spend their leagues money in order to hold this event. A poorly organized fund raiser reflects poorly on them so they will need your confidence. Do expect them however to be very excited about offering what anyone would realize as a fun program with much income potential. Your relaxed manner is important because all they really need to do is be sure the kids know about the event and that they are properly reminded and pushed to get pledges. If those 2 things can happen, all will be fine and you'll have annual repeat business for many years... without missing a single kickoff on TV.

Non-Relief Pitcher

If you've heard about the Radar Ball it's a neat gimmick at most. It's the official size and weight of a baseball with a speed timing sensor and speed display right on the ball. I'm a dealer and I sell them for $37.95. However, it's a novelty, not a very cheap way to start a speed pitching booth. It's a quirky thing that would require players to throw from a distance of 45 or 60 feet to record a speed. That's not possible at a speed booth, plus you'd have to fetch the ball in the cage every throw to see the speed. I'm noting this because I have gotten inquiries about this being a radar gun substitute. Buy it for backyard fun or a conversation but it can't fill in for investment relief.

Excellent E-Mail

Subject: no subject
Sent: 10/25 9:59 PM
From: Bob Wiseman
To: T. Mody


Just wanted to update you. Last Sunday I did really good, took in about $400 in 6 hours including drive time and setup. A little disappointed about the big tournament this weekend. Was at a 10 field location but only did $350 for the weekend, I think it was the location. Even their concession stand didn't do much. Live and learn right!!!!


Bob Wiseman

News & Notes

There should be a flier with this newsletter outlining discounts for system purchases before February 28th. Due to my wedding and honeymoon in late March I want to offer an incentive to order early as I'll be unavailable for 2 weeks. If a flier is not included, please call for details.

Another important early ordering note concerns cage "B" time frame. Manufacturing the "B" cages can be delayed by 30 days because of Major League spring training orders from mid February to late April. Please keep this in mind when planning events and it really pays to order early; a theme I've kept in this issue.

And again on this early order theme. If you received a price booklet before mid November, we've raise prices on system 2 units $100 so the discount offered until February 28th is important to note.