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Booth Operations

Most operations of the pitching/kicking booth will be based on paying a fee for a certain number of picthes. Some booth owners will have a display board that lists the fastest speeds by age. Others will also have prizes based on the guessing of the last pitch speed. Typically fees are 3 throws for a dollar or 5 throws for 2 dollars.

Saftey of course is you primary concern followed by protection of the radar equipment. It's important to make sure participants play the very front of the cage to ensure there is no chance a ball will leave the cage. System 2 radar guns can actually be placed behind the backstop as the beam will shoot through the backstop. This protects the gun not only form being hit by a ball but also prevents it being bumped by participants or crowds. System 1 radar guns will need to be set behind the thrower. Do not place either unit to the side of the cage as that will cause reading to be slow. Radar accuracy is based on the ball traveling in a straight line at or away from the radar.

The booth can manage in generally a 12 x 15 space but 20' of depth is preferable.

FUNDRAISING with Pitch-AThon & Kick-A-Thon

One of the most enjoyable ventures you can run with a speed pitching booth is youth fundraising events.How fast you can pitch or kick is one of sports greatest curiosities and it creates a perfect atmosphere for fund-raising.

I simply apply the concepts of the booth with a sponsor & pledge program where funds are generated in a friendly competition and pitching or kicking speed determins the amount of pledge money to be donated by the participants sponsors.

By handling all aspects from supplying forms, timing the participants and offering awards, you take the headaches away from the league and your income is a percentage of the funds generated. In my case, I usually take 25%.

Here's how a large league will make money for themselves and for you.

Jimmy gets a 10 cent pledge from his grandmother for each MPH pitched

Jimmy's fastest pitch is 40 MPH

Jimmy collects $4.00 from his grandmother

Jimmy has a total of 10 sponsors from which he collects $4.00 each

Jimmy's total funds raised is $40.00

The league has a total of 100 participants averaging these numbers

The leagues gross funds generated is $4,000
($40 x 100)

Your income earned is $1,000 (25% of $4,000)

...and that's generally for a few hours work. Sound exciting? Well, here are some statistice to back up my success with fundraising.

Over the first 4 years the average funds generated per participant is $43.80

The most money generated by a participant is $330 by Joshua Schneider Honoeye Falls Blaze

The most pledges generated is 52 by Chris Hill of the Lima Lightning

Why do leagues enjoy holding a Pitch-A-Thon or Kick-A-Thon.

Kids raise money playing their sport
It utilizes the most effective fund-raising model
The league does virtually no work, Your company runs the event
They have no inventory to track
It's a Proven success at every event
They keep a larger portion of funds generated
Its not just a fund-raiser, it's a "FUN-RAISER"

This is truly the best, easiest and most enjoyable fund-raiser a sports team or league can partake in. Other sports leagues or organizations can also have an event tailored for them. Hockey slapshots, tennis serves, Karate impact, even cub scouts timing those pine wood derby cars.

With the right connections and a good presentation, this could be the only program you need to make your speed pitching booth business a success. And I'll help you put all the details together.